Trusted resource for early and growth stage ventures

Broad knowledge resource for emerging trends in agribusiness and environmental sustainability, with ability to articulate detailed and compelling rationale​

Identify creative solutions to organizational and operational problems, mitigate risk

Conceptualize and construct strategic project stakeholder groups to partner on global and regional initiatives

Recruit and manage culturally-diverse, multidisciplinary project development teams

Facilitate new and alternative industrial and market development opportunities

Highly-skilled at collaborating with C-Level executives and government officials

Cultivate strong collaborative relationships to create long-term value for stakeholders and investors

Navigate complex domestic and foreign regulatory and compliance frameworks to commercialize new technology, facilitate technology transfer and global trade

Domain of Expertise & Interest

Gregory B. O'Reilly

Mr. O’Reilly has over twenty years of international experience in agribusiness and environmental innovation, biotechnology, specialty foods, energy and renewables, water, waste, sustainability and  compliance. 

Specializing in strategic venture development, Mr. O’Reilly is instrumental in nurturing technology, catalyzing innovation, investment flow and systematic market development. 

Working hands-on, as partners with the leadership of early-stage enterprises and growth-oriented companies, Mr. O’Reilly harnesses domestic and global networks, relational development and strategic facilitation expertise to develop thriving global enterprises for investors, while advancing important sustainability initiatives for the betterment of society.

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Strategic Business & Venture Development

Innovation Management

Industry Partnerships

Investor Relations

Prospecting & Deal Origination

Global Market Development

Product & Technology Commercialization

Food & Agribusiness
Crop Inputs & Organic Fertilizer
Biologicals & Biopesticides
Livestock, Dairy
Environment & Natural Resources
Life Science & Biotechnology
Advanced Nutrition
Defense, Military & National Security
Geo-spatial Intelligence
Clean Technology
Renewable Energy
Governments, NGOs
Aquaculture, Agroforestry & Fisheries
Biosaline Agriculture, Halophytes & Algae
Waste & Reclamation
Water Remediation
Industry & Manufacturing
Sustainable Textiles, Packaging, Apparel
Entrepreneurial Ventures, Start-ups

Finance & Investment Process Assist
Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Funds

Not-for-Profit Organizations