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​​​"What a joy it is to have friends visit from so far away." 

- Confucius


(Established 2009)   ​



Opportunities for American Products and Brands in China

We advocate for the livelihoods of American Farmers and the Agricultural Industry


Is your company seeking to expand?  
Are your products well-suited for sale in the Chinese marketplace?  

The obstacles to market in China are very real, as are the 0pportunities.   

The US-China Bilateral Trade Agreement ratified in 2019 established a new framework for US export products to China and strengthened US-China Agri-Economic Relations. American Brands had never been in greater demand. 

Then came COVID pandemic in 2020.  The geopolitical and economic impacts of this global crisis put tremendous strain on bilateral relations and continued to have rippling effects throughout trade channels, supply chains and regulatory frameworks.

While the World is eager to return to normalcy and stabilized supply chains, uncertainty remains. Our Partners continue to 'stay-the-course' and navigate challenging circumstances on behalf of American producers and manufacturers to pursue foreign markets and new customers. 

The US-China relationship is complex. Despite exacerbated geo-political tensions, China continues to adhere to the baseline framework established in the 2019 Treaty and the purchase US Agricultural related products.

The emerging Multi-Polar World will provide new opportunities for enhanced diplomatic and industrial relations, mutual understanding, economic cooperation and human connections between the people of the United States and China.

Looking forward, the market for US agricultural-related products is anticipated to grow substantially over the next several years, offering access to a market of nearly 1.4 billion consumers.


About The China Green Door Program

The China Green Door Program was launched in 2009 at the US-China Trade Delegation Mission in Phoenix, Arizona as a strategic industrial and diplomatic initiative to cultivate relationships within China and develop a market clearinghouse for American companies wanting to distribute and sell their products in China.

China Green Door and Partners have developed expertise, networks and infrastructure to bring American products to market and grow American Brand in a very challenging and dynamic market.
Our strategic, methodical process, relationships, market segment and technical expertise drive companies to success in China in a manner that otherwise may take many, many years to accomplish. 

Our Program and Partners utilize proprietary processes to help safeguard and enforce Technology and Intellectual Property Protection.

Primary Focal Areas:
Agriculture (AgTech, Agri-chemicals, Nutrients, Biologicals, Organic Fertilizer, Precision Ag, Water Efficiency, Software, Big Data, Animal Health, Soil Health, Carbon Capture...)
• Water and Waste Management
• Energy and Renewables

• Health, Nutrition and Medical Device

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