Strategic Partnering

Innovation Management  |  Global Commercialization  |  Corporate & Market Development 

O'Reilly Venture Group advances the growth process, catalyzes strategic alliances and industrial partnerships required to scale business. Each case and company's needs are unique, requiring an agreement tailored to the situation and needs.

Typical criteria for strategic partnering may resemble the one or more of the following elements:

  • We may take on a functional role(s) on behalf of the venture, pursuant to global business development needs.

  • We will typically require minority stake, at a minimum, usually between 3-25% or more in select cases - the percentage being dependent upon on the scope and scale of the venture's requirements.

  • We help lead a methodical approach to initial and sequential rounds of business scaling and develop an overarching strategic trajectory for value-creation with select business and financial partners, pursuant to an ultimate exit, as desired by the founding parties.

  • We remain pro-active partners, typically require board representation and oversight, and as stated above, may take-on a functional role within the organization.